Policies & Procedures

Zero Tolerance Policy

  1. No one, except the players, is to speak to the referee during or after the game. Exceptions: Coaches may ask questions BEFORE the game, call for substitutions and point out emergencies during the game, or respond to the referee if addressed.
  2. Absolutely no disputing calls, during or after the game, no remarks to the referee to watch certain players or attend to rough play. No yelling at the referee, ever, and no criticism, sarcasm, harassment, intimidation, or feedback of any kind during or after the game.
  3. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players and the parents. If there are specific issues with spectators, the referee is to have the coach deal with the problem. If problems with either coaches or spectators continue, the referee has the right to leave the game.
  4. Violators may be ejected from the game, and are subject to disciplinary review by the FSA board of directors. The subsequent action of the board may include (but not limited to), verbal or written warning by the board, suspension from attendance at games for a specific length of time to be determined by the board, revocation of coaching responsibilities for a specific length of time to be determined by the board, and/or other actions as the board sees fit.  All ejections will also be reported to BAYS.
  5. If coaches or spectators have questions regarding certain calls, rules, or referee, or wish to give feedback to a referee, they should contact the Referee Coordinator for travel games, or the Town Coordinator for town games.

Complete, up to date copies of this policy, as well as the BAYS Zero Tolerance Policy from which this policy is modeled, can be found at http://www.foxborosoccer.org in the Questions & Answers section.

Tournament Banned Items

BAYS and Foxboro Youth Soccer have a standing rule that no person is eligible to play if they are wearing jewelry or have any sort of orthopedic cast.  This is a safety issue for the injured player as well as the others on the playing field.

In-eligible items include (but may not be limited to):

  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Hard hair clips
  • Casts (except air-casts)
  • Hard plastic or metal splints
  • Watches

All such items have to be removed for the player will be eligible to play.  It is non-negotiable.  “Taped-over” earrings or “Bubble-wrapped” casts do not qualify.  Earrings must be removed.  “Recently pierced ears” will not suffer for the one hour the earrings have been removed.

The only exceptions are Medic Alert medallions and items of religious significance to the players.  These must be covered over to prevent the possible injury to other players.

Our Referees have been asked to strongly enforce this rule.

The Tournament Committee asks for and appreciates your cooperation.

Hazardous Weather Policy

Foxboro Cup Tournament will proceed in all types of inclement weather. Should hazardous weather conditions exist (Severe Storm Advisories, Thunderstorms, Lightening Hail, etc) then the following policies will be in effect.

1. Hazardous Weather Condition

The determination of a Hazardous Weather Condition is at the sole discretion of the Foxboro Cup Tournament Director, who will monitor weather conditions through local news media and through reports provided via Field Marshals or other Tournament Officials  

  • Any Tournament Official, Field Marshal, or Referee who sees lightening is to notify the Tournament Director immediately.

  • If the Tournament Director is unavailable or unreachable, the Official, Field Marshal, or Referee is to stop the games in their immediate vicinity (see below) until the Tournament Director can be reached.

2. Communication of Hazardous Weather

If the Tournament Director determines that a Hazardous Weather Condition exists, he/she will notify the Site Coordinators, Field Marshals and other tournament officials via walkie-talkie, cell phone, or air horn.

Field Marshals and other Tournament Officials will notify referees to stop games immediately.

Players, Coaches, Spectators, and Tournament Volunteers are to seek shelter immediately.  Primary source of shelter will be the cars that people arrived in to the tournament.  Coaches are responsible to ensure that their team seeks appropriate shelter. 

3. Stoppage and Restart of Games

The Tournament Director or Referee Coordinator is responsible for stopping and re-starting games. 

If there is less than 10 minutes remaining in the second half of the game, the game will be considered complete, with the exception of playoff games. 

Once a referee is notified that a game is to be stopped by the field marshal or other tournament official, the referee will note the time remaining in the game on the score card and return to the referee tent to await further instructions. 

For incomplete games interrupted by dangerous weather, the following rules will apply:

  • Coaches are encouraged to remain near the registration tent where the main notification of a restart will be initially given.
  • Games will restart on the next half-hour a minimum of 15 minutes since the last report of dangerous weather.
  • Teams will be given a minimum 15 minute notification that play is to restart. 
  • Teams not ready to start on the half hour will be given 10 minutes to assemble their team or forfeit the game.
  • Play will restart with a drop ball a) in the kick-off spot in the center circle, and b) the remaining time left in the match will be played.

4. Cancellation of Play

If games are unable to be rescheduled that same day, the following rules will apply:

Non-competitive (U8, U10) teams will be given a pro-rated refund based on the number of games played.  Cancelled non-competitive games will not be made up.

Competitive teams (U12 and above)

  • Will be given the opportunity to make up their games on the following day (Sunday or Monday) at the Tournament Director’s discretion and at a time and place determined by the Tournament Director.  Teams will be notified via e-mail of the time and location of their games by 8:00pm on the evening of the cancelled game. 
  • Games (including play-offs) may be held on Memorial Day (Monday) at the Tournament Director’s discretion.  Teams will be notified via e-mail of the time and location of their games by 8:00pm on Sunday evening.
  • Teams deciding not to play their remaining rescheduled games as determined by the Tournament Director will forfeit those games and not be eligible for a refund.
  • Any games unable to be rescheduled by continued inclement weather or lack of field space by Monday evening will result in a pro-rated refund to the effected teams based on the number of games played.  Which divisions have their playoffs cancelled is completely at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

Lost Child Procedure

  1. The person finding the lost child will notify the nearest Field Marshal, Tournament Official, or Police Officer.  The Tournament Director will be notified by radio.
  2. The child will be brought to the Concessions Tent or the Registration Tent, which ever is closer.
  3. Only Tournament Officials (Tournament Director, Registrar, Volunteer Coordinator, or Concessions Coordinator) will work with the child to determine the child’s name, home town, etc.
  4. Tournament officials will look for appropriate town & parents
  5. Field marshals will be notified by radio to watch (not leaving posts) for appropriate town & parent.
  6. The child will remain at the Registration Tent or Concessions Tent until their parent is found.

Missing Child Procedure

  1. If there is a missing child, the Tournament Official or Field Marshal being notified will radio all other tournament officials and police.
  2. Parking attendants & field marshals will be notified via radio to find the missing child
  3. If the child is still missing after 15 minutes of initial notification, the police will be asked to provide command and control for the search.  Parking attendants will be notified to close all possible parking exits until notified by the police.
  4. Police procedures will be followed as communicated by the Police.

On-Field Emergency Procedures & Communication Plan

  1. The Field Marshal will radio tournament officials and the EMT.
  2. Coaches and field marshals are not to call 911 unless the EMTs are not available or if the emergency warrants.
  3. This plan will be provided to all coaches and field marshals prior to their participation in the tournament

All calls to Foxboro Fire & Rescue will be a) by radio or b) through 508-543-1212

Off-Field Emergency Procedures & Communication Plan

  1. No field marshal or tournament official is to approach an unruly coach or spectator alone – it must be done by at least two people – unless the situation is out of control and warrants immediate action.
  2. For an unruly coach or spectator, the Field Marshal will radio tournament officials.
  3. If the situation warrants, the Tournament Director, Site Coordinator, or Field Marshal (Volunteer) Coordinator will make the determination to call the police.
  4. This plan will be communicated to all field marshals prior to their participation in the tournament.
  5. Zero tolerance policies will be followed as necessary
  6. All Calls to Foxboro Police by Tournament Officials will be a) by radio or b) through 508-543-4343.
  7. All calls to Foxboro Fire & Rescue by Tournament Officials will be a) by radio or b) through 508-543-1212