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Zero Tolerance Policy

  1. No one, except the players, is to speak to the referee during or after the game. Exceptions: Coaches may ask questions BEFORE the game, call for substitutions and point out emergencies during the game, or respond to the referee if addressed.
  2. Absolutely no disputing calls, during or after the game, no remarks to the referee to watch certain players or attend to rough play. No yelling at the referee, ever, and no criticism, sarcasm, harassment, intimidation, or feedback of any kind during or after the game.
  3. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players and the parents. If there are specific issues with spectators, the referee is to have the coach deal with the problem. If problems with either coaches or spectators continue, the referee has the right to leave the game.
  4. Violators may be ejected from the game, and are subject to disciplinary review by the FSA board of directors. The subsequent action of the board may include (but not limited to), verbal or written warning by the board, suspension from attendance at games for a specific length of time to be determined by the board, revocation of coaching responsibilities for a specific length of time to be determined by the board, and/or other actions as the board sees fit.  All ejections will also be reported to BAYS.
  5. If coaches or spectators have questions regarding certain calls, rules, or referee, or wish to give feedback to a referee, they should contact the Referee Coordinator for travel games, or the Town Coordinator for town games.